Here you can see the status of the R + functionalities and this is its legend:
Stable / Done.
Updating / Pending.
Unstable / Checking.
Fault / Checking.
Unattended / Stopped.

R+1 before the VirtuaLES

He was born on October 10, 2018 and was with us for approximately 2 years.

R+1.5 for VirtuaLES

The LES asked us to optimize the speed of the network in general, to leave the access form only for the writing areas in the database and for its user profile to be a billboard for the participants, and this was done. R + was adapted to these emblematic virtual conferences and they took place over 3 days with more than 40 simultaneous users. Our record in this regard.


General appearance:
Larger avatars and texts.
Simplified navigation bar.
Left side menu by roles.
Hot filter or search by hitting enter.
Optimized to support more users.

Configuration by roles.
Control of PUSH and cache subscriptions.
Day and at night.
Lever to deactivate the Masonry.
Lever to disable advertising.
Toggle to disable +1 notifications.
Transfer XP from shaman to another role.
18 primary colors to choose from.

Notice / New Post Counter.
Create regular posts.
Create event-type posts.
Create posts with survey.
Manage Plan
Delete posts.
Multiple photos to view horizontally.
Campaign to be notified in other people's publications.
View post icon when there is no title.
Links and titles are shortened to one line.
The title and some text is required.
+1 and +5 (I love it) in posts.

Create comments.
Delete your comment
Edit Feedback
Multiple photos to view horizontally.
+1 in comments.

Login Form
Listing with tracking option.

Create Batch.
Delete Group
Edit group
List of Groups
Posts tagged "
Join Group
Leave Group
Upload a map to the group.
Zoom in/out the map
Create pin on map.
Edit pin on map.
Remove pin on map.
Show / Hide pushpins.
Find info on pushpins.
Create group conversation.

Blog post reader.
YouTube channel input reader.

Platform support store:
Acquire PX.
Automated to put advertising.
Purchase of roles and subscription to shaman.
Invite to coffee by PayPal or Kofi.
Rewards for codes.
External gift and t-shirt shop.

virtual desktop:
Assistant not to get lost.
Chat with dice.
Shared adventure editor.
Token editor for adventures.
Post-it editor with text, image, audio, video.
Game editor (adventure + players).
Generic panel to broadcast.
Panel for the player.
Panel for the master.
Tab to see the background without post-it.
Tab for video call with Jitsi.

Notifications: New
Notice / Counter of new notifications.
Mark all as read
Mark Read
Users with an active lock are not notified.
Notification to followers of a user when he publishes.
Notification to followers of a group when someone posts with the group's tag.
Notification to the user of a profile when another begins to follow him.
Notification when someone comments on a post created or followed.
Notification when someone sends a chat message.
Notification when someone is mentioned in a post or comment.
Notification when a comment is liked.
Notification when a post is liked or loved.
Window where you can see new and old notifications.

New servers:
principal server
Support server.
BD service.
Mail service

What have we gained from these servers?
We went from having 3 servers and 1 50 GB disk expansion to 2 servers with more than double the benefits for the same price.
We went from having servers with 1 core, 2 GB of memory and 25 GB of SSD disk to servers with 2 cores, 4 GB of memory and 80 GB of NVMe SSD disk (5 times faster than normal SSDs).

Roadmap 2021 and 2022

January 2021
— We migrated R + 2 with the EV2 to new servers.

From February to June
— We changed the EV2 from scenes to places.

July and August:
— We reactivate the chat.

— We reactivate the groups with an interactive map.

October and November
— We added a task manager, a list of comments and we reactivated the creation of manuals in the EV2.

— We will put R+2 in 8 languages among other things.

January - March 2022
— We started the R + 2 promotion campaign.
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